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This website gives access to the details of thousands of items in over 2000 churches in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The list of churches recorded can be seen elsewhere on the CRS website and is being added to constantly.

A Church Record is divided into nine sections: Memorials, Metalwork which includes the bells, Stonework, Woodwork, Textiles, Paintings etc, Library, Windows and Miscellaneous which includes the organ.

Copies of each Record are stored with various institutions around the country. If you wish to see a particular Record please contact CRS to find the nearest accessible copy.

Hints on searching the records:

  • A word put into the Basic search 'Keyword' box could result in a large number of entries. Advanced Search allows for a more specific search and may be more productive.
  • To search for a phrase i.e. a specific sequence of words, enclose it in quotes.
  • For example, if the word 'Lowndes' is entered in the Basic search Keyword box in order to find stained glass by Mary Lowndes or Lowndes & Drury, various donors, those commemorated and other makers with the name Lowndes will be included in the results. An Advanced search for 'Lowndes' with 'Windows' for Asset Type and 'Lowndes' under Maker will be more specific. And to search specifically for 'Mary Lowndes' enclose her full name in quotes.